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From our family to yours...let's get acquainted!

We are a family owned and operated Farm Winery established in 1993. Wine, gatherings, music-togetherness are our foundation. Come-fall in love! And share our vision... 

The Usual Corona blurb (we do take this VERY seriously)

Welcome to our home! 

We have had several questions in regards to how things will proceed with NYS Covid-19 guidelines and mandates, here's a quick run down of how we are currently operating:
Facial masks are mandatory, worn properly until seated, where they can be removed until customers are ready to stand.
In order to consume, you must be seated with a food item. Each person consuming is required to have their own food item, we have a varied selection for $1 each or enjoy a small package of crackers on us.
We can not accommodate groups of 6 or more due to the size of the winery, there simply is not seating available, we are not accepting split groups at this time, please be respectful of this.
we are welcoming everyone in to purchase wine or to enjoy the gift shop in groups of 6 people or fewer, if your group is larger than 6 people, we ask that you stagger your group's entry and the rest of your party wait to enter until others have departed
Winter Hours are Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 11am until 5pm If you are looking for services during another specific time, please call (607)546-2974 to make an appointment

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Check Out Our Case Club!

We believe wine should be a fun part of everyday life. Our wine list is long and varied-including something for everyone, And it's now available to ship right to your door at https://vinoshipper.com/shop/rasta_ranch_vineyards Sign up for our case club to receive special discounts and much more! 

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We Understand That Times Are Hard

Please continue to help us do everything we can to keep our staff, customers and loved ones safe
And feel free to send an email to [email protected] to tell us how we're doing or with any concerns you may have
Thank you all for the continued love and support!!


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We love to take pictures and show them to the world.

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Events, savings and special dates

Events change weekly as well as seasonally, check back to see what's coming up!

March 29, 2021

Monday Coffee Klatch

Button Share! 2-5

March 31, 2021

Wine Not Wednesday:
Online Spotlight Event featuring Lodi Community pantry and garden!

Follow our Social Media accounts to learn about the Finger Lakes local artists, Causes, cooks and creatures!

April 1, 2021

Summer Hours Are Back!

We'll reopen Daily April 1st!!!!!

April 4, 2021

Closed Easter Sunday

No Worries, We'll be here 11am-5pm SAturday

April 5, 2021

Monday Night Blues 

Brett'll be back for a Bluesy good time!

Vintage and Handmade Native American Sterling Silver Jewelry
If you are interested in any of these unique pieces, please email [email protected] or call the winery at (607) 546-2974, prices and descriptions are listed below

#1 Sterling Navajo Pendant $125

#2 Sterling Silver Rhodochrosite set $50

#3 Sterling Silver Turquoise set $250

#4 Handmade Genuine Indian Set $285

#5 Zuni Handmade Set $250 

#6 Handcrafted Eagle necklace $95

#7 Sterling Feather Necklace $90

#8 Sterling Silver Bracelet $55

#9 Sterling Feather Pendant $65

#10 kokopelli necklace $80

#11 Turquoise necklace $95

 #12 Thunderbird Necklace $150

#13 Butterfly Necklace $150

#14 Turquoise Necklace $200

#15 Sterling Necklacce $125

#16 Sterling Lapis necklace $18

#17 Sterling Earrings $65

#18 Sterling Horse Earrings $25

#19 Sterling Turquoise Earings $35

#20 Handcrafted Set $170

#21 Sterling Blue Opal set $95

#22 Sterling Malachite set $95

#23 Sterling Lapis set $195


#25 Lapis Butterfly set $195

#26 Turquoise set $95

#27 Sterling Opal Set $160

#28 Kokopelli Set $225

#29 Handcrafted Silver Set $290

#30 Sterling Set $220

#31 Sterling Set $350

#32 Handcrafted Sterling Turquoise set $200

#33 Sterling Turquoise set $350

#34 Sterling set $300

Handcrafted Beadwear

B1 $25

B2 $30

B3 $25

B4 $30

B5 $25

B6 $25

B7 $25

B8 $25

B9 $30

B10 $25

B11 $25

B12 $25

B13 $30

B14 $30

B15 $25

B16 $25

B17 $15

B18 $25

B19 $25

B20 $30

B21 $18

B22 $15

B23 $30

B24 $25

B25 $15

B26 $28

B27 $20

B28 $25

B29 $25

B30 $25

B31 $20 

B32 $15

B33 $30

B34 $28

B35 $25

B36 $25

B37 $25

B38 $25

B39 $25

B40 $12

B41 $25

B42 $25

B43 $25

B44 $25

B45 $35

B46 $25

B47 $25

B48 $20

B49 $35

B50 $20

B51 $15

B52 $18

B53 $25

B54 $20

B55 $25

B56 $20

B57 $15

B58 $15

B59 $15

B60 $15

B61 $30

B62 $25

B63 $15

B64 $20

B65 $25

B66 $20

B67 $20

B68 $30

B69 $25 

B70 $25

B71 $15

B72 $20

B73 $18

B74 $16

B75 $18

B76 $18 

B77 $25

B78 $18

B79 $25

B80 $30

B81 $25

B82 $18

B83 $18

B84 $45

B85 $40

B86 $40

B87 $10

B88  $10

B89 $40

B90 $32

Rasta Ranch Vineyards


5882 Rt. 414
Hector , NY, 14841, US

About us

Come home to 'Wine for Good Times'!
We are Open Daily 
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm Mondays 11am-8pm
Feel Free to call for an appointment if these times don't suit your wine needs!